Get ready for 2012

Mike Shannon @ June 2010

This year we dug deep for months to find the perfect music for a late June weekend. After launching June in 2010 as quasi a long house party, reworking it in 2011 as an opportunity to meet new musicians, 2012 comes with more than one surprises...

A regular on June lineups, Mike Shannon joins us again with his great sense of humour and appetite for early morning beach walks. Mike is one of those artists that quickly saw June as an opportunity to pause his frenetic lifestyle for a weekend whilst catching up with the other inspiring artists.

Adding a little workout on La Cinta beach are Smash Tv with their latest Get Physical works. New merging sounds of techno and house, be ready to watch the duo shake the floor with that musical confidence that everyone needs once in a while.

June 2012 sees us invite Axel Boman to the party. His latest works have got us very excited as well as his impeccable quiff…

Another eventful addition for this year has been Portable aka Bodycode. His nostalgic yet thumping sounds made him an irresistible temptation, so he just had to join us.

We got so lucky this year….The Mole tagged along with Mike and we just can't wait to hear more of his sweet, smart and soulful stuff. The perfect soundtrack to any beach holiday…

This re-booking was an easy choice. Jin really got it and almost immediately embraced the Sardinian way of life. His performances were as spontaneous as could be and as he really liked the pasta at Al Faro, then we knew he would agree to come again...

He missed it last year, but boy oh boy will he make up for it this year. Martin Dawson is simply a superb artist, and just an overall top guy, happy to give anything a go. He has been working on yet some more live shows and we are really pleased to welcome him again this year as he just blew us away in 2010.

A new entry for us but hardly a gamble. Tolga Fidan is the musical proof of how well east and west work together. San Teodoro will surely alight his turkish fire…

And here comes Cesare with his funky baselines and groovy synths. We felt June needed a little bit of that, so all we had to do was listen and watch his latest collab with Mikael Stavostrand watch here on youtube to make the call. Welcome to JUNE!

We are particularly fond of Canadians and we are even fonder of talented ones like Guillaume. His solo project takes him all over the world, but San Teodoro will be like no other. His tracks reminded us of a pleasant summer breeze, so we went for it.

The latest addition to JUNE 2012, Quenum ( has "a resume that could kill a rainforest" but has also an infectious perspective on music and life. His sounds can add a tangle depth to your night leaving you with a June snapshot you will cherish.

Almost a Sardinian hero, Arp XP (  has been, not only an artistic choice but also a personal one. He has been developing underground scenes in southern Italy for over a decade and is also part of the June collective. Speak to him to get your Sardinian up to speed…

More on line up, tickets, trip info, new website to be announced soon.

We wish you a happy new year!


We would like to thank everyone for their support in the last two years. We had a lot of exceptional music and live sessions in breath-taking locations in that certain laid-back holiday feel. That wouldn't be possible without you wonderful helpers, guests and DJs!

Have a great festive season with the ones you love and a happy & groovy new year!

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LINE-UP 2011

JUNE 2010 copyright by Samuel Traber

Ellen Allien / Zip / Matt John (live) / Mike Shannon /
Daniele Papini / Jin Choi (live) / Hugo / Sierra Sam /
Andrea Ferlin / Sammy Dee / Hubble / Matteo Spedicati /
Alex Jones / Tom DemacCharlotte Michelle 11th / TBoy /
Francesco Assenza / Fortsch aka Henrik Bertsch & Forty /
N-Zino & Frank! / Rumba / Soulsurfer / ArpXP /
Delicat / Gek / Topper / Alite

LINE-UP 2010

JUNE 2010 copyright by Samuel Traber

Federico Molinari/ Sven Hartmüller/ Roby Dessena/
Mike Shannon/ Lee Jones / Ray Okpara / Minimono
Sascha Dive/ Martin Dawson / Daniele Papini
Andrea Ferlin/ Fortsch aka Henrik Bertsch & Forty /
Triad/ Diamond Dog aka Acirne & Sig. Andreoni 
N-Zino & Frank! / Rumba / arpXP / Delicat
Beppe Cassetta / Sebastian Werle / Francesco Assenza 
Sleep is Commercial Showcase (Daniele Papini & Andrea Ferlin)

We need the sunshine

Roby Dessena

We can not wait to be at San Teodoro again with our feet sinking deep in the sand and the DJs heating up, ready to kick off this long weekend of beats, sunshine and musical inspiration. You're just having the same daydream? Come find us also in JUNE 2012!

Any questions? Drop us a mail!

THANKS to you for JUNE

la cinta

JUNE kicked into the sun

If the perfect fusion of a holiday with friends, laid back vibes and state of the art dance floor grooves is your cup of tea, then don’t look any further. The creative minds behind the celebrated SunAndBass festival teamed up again for delivering more of the same… but totally different: a throbbing slab of four on the floor joy custom-made for an early summer celebration under both the sun and mirrorball.

Located in Sardinia’s beautiful San Teodoro and hosted by the prestigious clubs Ambra Night and Ripping, JUNE brings a handful of clubland’s finest DJs and producers to Italy’s most prominent island. Breath-taking natural sand beaches, a perfect mediterranean climate, the famous local cuisine and a vacation with the ones close to your heart included.

Don't get things twisted though, JUNE isn’t your average 24/7 rave festival. The artists aren’t just coming to San Teodoro for a quick performance, they actually stay a few days and simply enjoy life… and so should you. You’re an integral contribution to the feel-good atmosphere of the festival and not just a simple tourist. Imagine a holiday with friends that is accompanied by a variety of international talents the current House and Techno scene has to offer.

As colorful as a rainbow and twice as hypnotic.